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Bonica Precision Inc.



Seashell Housing Kit (SS-1)

US$169.00 US$149.00
(You save US$20.00)

Seashell Housing Kit (SS-1)

US$169.00 US$149.00
(You save US$20.00)

Product Description

1. Seashell SS-1 customizable housing kit
2. Get information for some of the cameras compatible with the SS-1
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Link to detailed manual with specifications


Review from Trusted Reviews:

The SS-1 will fit any front-lens digital compact with dimensions not exceeding 101mm x 65mm x 29mm, and which has an on/off button the the shutter button on the top panel. This includes around 70 percent of all compact cameras, and certainly the vast majority of recent compact and ultra-compact cameras up to about 5x zoom, although some models with very long zoom lenses may not fit, and Panasonics with slider switches are not suitable.

The secret to the SS-1's adaptability is a system of silicone rubber cushions which slot into positions on the inside of the case. It comes with a sheet of rectangular cushions ranging from 1mm to 10mm in height that fit in around the sides, top and bottom , as well as smaller round cushions that support the front of the camera, and a selection of self-adhesive foam cushions that support the back of the camera with a cut-out to allow the monitor to be viewed.The rubber pads are re-usable, so that the case can be adapted to more than one camera, but the foam pads on the rear panel are pretty much impossible to remove without tearing them. However it does come with several of these pads, so if you change your camera you don't have to buy a new case. Even if you run out of the proper pads it would be fairly easy to improvise with some foam off-cuts and double-sided sticky tape.

The case comes with easy-to-follow instructions and a handy measuring diagram to help you select the correct set of cushions for your particular camera. The only tricky part of the installation is adjusting the positions of the two button linkages to activate the on/off button and the shutter button. These have a selection of different length actuator rods that have to be screwed into place and then carefully positioned using a tiny and quite fiddly spanner, which is supplied. However with a bit of trial and error this too didn't prove too difficult. The button linkages are quite loose, so cameras with very small controls may been a bit of persuasion to operate properly, but I was able to customise the case to fit my Casio EX-S12 ultra-compact in about 20 minutes.


Compatible with over 1000 Digital Cameras(updated 2012)
List is not exhaustive.

1, 100, 102, 103, 104, 105, 505x, 1338mT, 1438m, 2030m, 2338mT, DC733i, DC733s, DC830i,DC833m

F100, P1, T30, T35, T60, *T1000, T1028, T1068, T1200, T1258, T1260, T1428, T1458, V68, V80, V500, V630, V700, V720, V728, V740,V760, V780, V800, V830, V860, V866, V880, V890, V1000, V1018, V1080, W148

C520, C530, C630, C750, C850, C1020, C1060, C1220, C1230, C1250, C1255, C1460, E510, E520, E605, E720, E800, E820, E1000, E1020, E1030, E1035, E1040, E1050, E1050t, E1220, E1230, E1240, E1250, E1260, L1020, L1050, T700, T800, T850, T1260, X600, X710, X720, X725, X835, W1220

A810, A2200, A2300, A3000, A3000IS, A3100, A3100IS, A3200IS, A3300, A3400IS. IXUS30, IXUS40, IXUS50, IXUS55, IXUS60, IXUS65, IXUS70, IXUS75, IXUS80 IS, IXUS85IS, IXUS90IS, IXUS95IS, IXUS100IS, IXUS105, IXUS105IS, IXUS110IS, IXUS115HS, IXUS120IS, IXUS125HS, IXUS130, IXUS200IS, IXUS210, IXUS220HS, IXUS400, IXUS430, IXUS500, IXUS700, IXUS750, *IXUS800IS, IXUS850IS, IXUS860IS, IXUS870IS, IXUS900TI, *IXUS950IS, IXUS960IS, *IXUS970IS, IXUS980IS, IXUS990IS, IXUS i, IXUS i5, IXUS i7, IXUS iZoom, IXUS i7 Zoom, IXUS IIs, IXUS II, IXUS Wireless, IXUS V3, IXY1, IXY3, IXY10, IXY10S, IXY20IS, IXY25IS, IXY30, IXY30a, IXY40, IXY50, IXY55, IXY60, IXY70, IXY80, IXY90, IXY95IS, IXY110IS, IXY200, IXY200a, IXY200F, IXY210F, IXY220F, IXY210IS, IXY220IS, IXY320, IXY400, IXY400F, IXY 410F, IXY420F, IXY450, IXY500, IXY510IS, IXY600, IXY600F, IXY700, IXY800IS, *IXY810IS, IXY820IS, IXY830IS, IXY900IS, IXY910IS, IXY920IS, IXY930IS, IXY1000, IXY2000IS, IXY3000IS, IXY L, IXY L2, IXY L3, IXY L4, IXY Wireless, SD10, SD20, SD30, SD40, SD100, SD110, SD200, SD300, SD400, SD430, SD450, SD500, SD550, SD600, SD630, SD700IS, SD750, SD770IS, SD780IS, SD790IS, SD800IS, *SD850IS, SD870IS, SD880IS, *SD890IS, SD900, SD940IS, SD950IS, SD960IS, SD970IS, SD980IS, SD990IS, SD1000, SD1100IS, SD1200IS, SD1300IS, SD1400IS, SD3500IS, S95, S230, S100, S400, S410, S500

EX-ZR20, FC100, FC150, FC160S, S5, S6, S7, S8, S10, S12, S100, S500, S600, S770, S880, Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4, Z5, Z6, Z7, Z8, Z9, Z10,Z11, Z19, Z20, Z25, Z27, Z29, Z30, Z33, Z35, Z37, Z40, Z50, Z55, Z57, Z60, Z65, Z70, Z75, Z77, Z80, Z85, Z90, Z100, Z110, Z120, Z150, Z200, Z250, Z270, Z280, Z300, Z330, Z350, Z370, Z400, Z450, Z500, Z550, Z600, Z670, Z680, Z700, Z750, Z800, Z850, Z88, Z1000, Z1050, Z1080, Z1200, Z1200SR, Z3000, ZS5, ZS10

A100, A150, A170, A180, A175, A220, A225, A400, A500, AV100, AV105, AV110, AV120, AV130, AV150, AV180, AV200, AV205, AV230, AV235, AV250, AV255, AV280, AV285, AX200, AX205, AX245W, AX250, AX280, AX300, AX305, AX330, AX335, AX350, AX355, AX380, AX385, F10, F11, F20, F30, F31fd, F40fd, F47fd, F50fd, F60fd, F70EXR, F80EXR, F85EXR, F75, F85, F200EXR, F455, F460, F470, F480, F100fd, F200, J10, J20, J25, J26, J27, J30, J32, J35, J37, J38, J50, J100, J120, J150W, J210, J250, JV100, JV105, JV110, JV150, JV160, JV170, JV200, JV205, JV250, JV255, JX200, JX205, JX210, JX250, JX255, JX280, JX300, JX305, JX350, JX355, JX370, JX400, JX405, JX500, JX530, JX700, JZ100, JZ200, JZ300, JZ305, JZ310, JZ500, JZ505, JZ510, J15fd, J110W, J150W, T200, T205, T300, T305, V10

A730, A735, A830, A835, A950, A1030, A1035, A1050, A1150, A1200, A1230, A1235, A1250, A1255, A1455, A1456W, C1033, C1233, C1440W, E840S, E850, E1040, E1050, E1050W, E1055W, E1240, E1250W, E1250TW, E1255, E1255W, E1410SW, E1450W, E1480W, E1486TW, E1680W, J1050, J1250, J1455, J1458W, J1470S

A21, G20, G30, L90, L1080, MA5B, S40, S50, S52, S61, S66, T70, V80, V1080, V1082, V1280T, X80, X90

HDC-502, HDC-507, HDC-509, HDC-632, HDC-841, HDC-1231, HDC-1241

C140, C142, C160, C180, C182, C190, C763, C913, C1013, M200, M320, M340, M341, M380, M420, M530, M550, M575, M590, M753, M763IS, M853, M863IS, M873, M883, M893 IS, M1033, M1063 IS, M1073IS, M1093IS, M2008, MD30, Touch, V550, V603, V1073, V1273, V530 Zoom, V550 Zoom

*C-LUX 1, *C-LUX 2, *C-LUX 3

L2, L3, L6, L10, L11, L12, L14, L15, L18, L19, L20, L21, L22, L23, S70, S200, S210, S220, S230, S500, S510, S520, S550, S560, S570, S600, S610, S610C, S620, S630, S640, S700, S710, S2500, S3000, S3100, S3300, S4000, S4100, S4150, S4300, S5100, S6000, S6150, S6100, S6200, S6300

FE20, FE25, FE26, FE35, FE45, FE46, FE47, FE130, FE140, FE150, FE160, FE180, FE190, FE200, FE220, FE220D, FE230, FE240, FE250, FE280, FE290, FE300, FE320, FE330, FE340, FE350, FE350 Wide, FE360, FE370, FE3000, FE3010, FE4000, FE4010,FE4020, FE4030, FE4040, FE4050, FE5000, FE5010, FE5020, FE5030, FE5050, FE5500, µ700, µ710, µ740, µ750, µ760,µ780, µ810, µ820, µ830, µ840, µ1000, µ1010, µ1020, µ1200, µ1060, µ5000, µ5010, µ7000, µ7010, µ7020,µ7030, µ7040, µ7050, VG-110, VG-120, VG-130, VG-140, VG-145, VG-160, VR-340, X600, X905, X915, X940

*F516, *FH1, *FH2, *FH3, *FH5, FH6, *FH-7, FH8, *FH20, *FH22, *FH25, *FH27, *FS1, *FS2, *FS3, *FS5, *FS6,*FS7, *FS10, *FS11,*FS12,*FS15, *FS18, *FS20, *FS25, *FS30, *FS33, *FS42, *FS62,*FX01,*FX2, *FX3,*FX07, *FX7, *FX8, *FX9, *FX10, *FX12, *FX30, *FX33, *FX35, *FX36, *FX37, *FX38, *FX40,*FX48, *FX68, *FX50, *FX55, *FX60, *FX65, *FX66, *FX77, *FX78, FX80, *FX100,*FX150, *FX180, *FX500, *FX520, *FX550, *FX580,L5, *LS85, S1, S2, S3, SZ1, SZ7, *ZR1, *ZR3, *ZX1, *ZX3

50, A10, A20, A30, A36, A40, E40, E50, E70, E85, E75, E60, E65, E70L, E90, H90, L20, L36, L50, M10, M20,M30, M40, M50, M60, M85, M90, P70, P80, RS1000, RS1500, S, S5i, S5n, S5z, S1, S4, S4i, S6, S7, S10, S12, S30, S40, S45, S50, S55, S60, T10, T20, T30, V10, V20, W60, SV, Svi, Z10

i737, i834, i835, i836, i1035, i1037,i1237, i1437, T830, T1455

5203, 6105 ,6403, 6503, 7103, 7203, 7303, 8203, 8213, 8303, 8403, 8503, 4-Z50S, 14-Z5, 14-04, 12-Z5, 12-Z4, 12-XS, 12-TS, 12-23, 12-04, 12-03, 10-XS, 12-Z4TS, 10-X3, 10-TS, 10-23, 10-03, DC 60, DCZ 5.8, DCZ 6.8, DCZ 7.2, DCZ 7.3, DCZ 7.4, DCZ 8.2, DCZ 8.3, DCZ 10.3, DCZ 10.4, DCZ 12.1,DCZ 14.1,Dpix 530Z, DPix 740Z, DPix 750Z, DPix 820Z, DPix 1000Z, DPix 3200, DPix 3300, DPix 5100, DPix 5200, DPix 9000

DC67, DC68, DC87, DC593, DC6360, DM6365, DC6370, DC6371,DM7362, DM7365, DS7450, DSA350, ES6, SL4, SL5, SL8, SL53, SL58, SL63, SL68, SL83, SL86, SL1000

R1, R1S, R1V, R2, R2s, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7, R30, R40, R50, RR730, RR750

Compactline 52, Compactline 55, Compactine 81, Compactine90, Compactine101, Compactine 102, Compactline 103, Compactine110, Compactline 122, Compactine200, Compactine 202, Compactline 203, Compactline 230, Compactine 302, Compactline 312, Compactline 320, Compactine 350, Compactline 360TS, Compactline 390SE, Compactline 412, Compactline 415, Compactline 424, Compactline 425, da8, da70, da80, da81, da100, da101, da120, da800, da1325, da6325, da7535, da8325, da8535, dr135, dr835, Flexline140, Flexline200, Powerflex 440, Powerflex 450, Powerflex 460, Powerflex 455, Powerflex 470, Sportsline 50, Sportsline 60, Sportsline 60 le, XS10

CL5, D75, D860, ES10, ES15, ES17, ES20, ES30, ES55, ES60, ES65, ES70, ES73, ES75, ES80, IT100, *M310, MV860, L60, L70, L77, L100, L201, L210, L301, L310W, L700, L730, L830, PL20, PL50, PL51, PL55, PL60, PL65, PL70, PL80, PL90, PL100, PL120, PL150, PL170, PL200, PL502,S760 , S1070, SH100, SL50, SL102, SL202, SL600, SL620, SL720, SL820, ST30, ST45, ST50, ST60, ST65, ST70, ST80, ST90, ST95, ST500, ST550, ST700, TL205, TL210, TL220, TL225, TL320, TL350, WB100, WB1000, WB2000

DSC-E6, VPC-E7, VPC-E10, VPC-E60EX, VPC-E760, VPC-E870, VPC-E1000, VPC-E1075, VPC-E1090, VPC-E1290, VPC-S6, VPC-S7, VPC-S60EX, VPC-S70, VPC-S500, VPC-S600, VPC-S650, VPC-S670, VPC-S700, VPC-S750, VPC-S770, VPC-S870, VPC-S880,VPC-S1070, VPC-S1080, VPC-S1275, VPC-S1285, VPC-T700, VPC-T850, VPC-T1060, VPC-X1200, VPC-X1250, DSC-E7, DSC-S7, DSC-1200, DSC-X1250, DSC-X1260, VPC-W800

N1, N2, S650, S700, S730, S780, S930, S950, S980, S2000, S2100, TX55, WX1, WX5, WX7, WX9, WX10, WX30, W35, W50, W55, W70, W80, W85, W90, W100, W110, W120, W130, W150, W170, W180, W190, W200, W210, W215, W220, W230, W270, W290, W300, W310, W320, W330, W350, W350D, W370, W380, W390, W510, W520, W530, W550, W560, W570, W570D, W610, W630, WX-50, WX-70, WX-100

DC504, DC803, EZF10, EZF12W4XA, EZF12W4XL, EZF12W5XL, EZF524, EZ F524MKII, EZF525, EZF527L, EZF531, EZF725, EZF824, EZF827, EZF924Z, EZF1027, EZF1027L, EZF1031, EZF1230, EZF1230L, EZF1231, EZF1233, EZ7032, EZ8032, EZF8035, EZF8321, EZTP-5, EZTP-9, EZTP-10, EZW-503A

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